Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc is a joint venture between Michelin, Dundee City Council, and Scottish Enterprise. MSIP attracts innovative companies leading the way in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation, to develop new products and processes that will tackle the climate emergency head on.

Who is SKOOT?

Car travel in the UK represents one fifth of all CO2 emissions. Our goal at SKOOT is distrust the mobility industry by leading the way in getting car travel to net zero, as we believe that travel shouldn’t come at a cost to the planet. SKOOT's green tech platform enables businesses to reach their net zero goals today.  We provide a simple structure to our solution which is to identify, offset, and avoid your employee's car CO2. We help businesses like yourselves to identify your employees carbon footprint through data reporting. We offset your employees' carbon emissions when commuting by planting trees, which offsets 110% of the carbon emitted. And we help your business avoid producing any extra unwanted carbon through smart matching employees to carpool with each other. All you have to do is sign up and we'll do the rest!

Why is SKOOT at MSIP?

SKOOT is at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc because we believe it is crucial for us to be at the forefront of events that support the move towards a carbon free world. We want to be the leading company for making travel on roads carbon free. We can’t do this without your help. MSIP is all about creating a greener future for people, place and the planet, so the real question is why would SKOOT not attend?

How to get in touch

If you want to find out more about how SKOOT can help your business reach net zero and ESG goals today, get in touch: [email protected]

SKOOT Team Members Attending Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc: