Welcome to the SKOOT brand!

Our values

Everything at SKOOT starts with our values.

These brand values make their way into everything we design, write, code and create. They make us ... us.

What would a friend do?

A simple and straightforward question, but one that is fundamental to SKOOT.Ask yourself that question when faced with daily moral, ethical or business questions. Friends do the right thing for each other. Sometimes they get it wrong. But the reason that friendships stand the test of time, being apart physically, or enable you to pick up where you left off, is that friends do the right thing by each other, they have our backs, during the good-times, but more importantly during the bad.


Everything we do has to be about winning collectively. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and we should always strive to be the best at everything we do. But not at any cost. Our business and culture has to be about always looking to deliver a Win-Win, whether it’s for the planet, our Drivers and Riders, our supplier or our Team.

Tenacity & grit

Being successful has very little to do with talent. It’s about grit, determination and tenacity. Being able to pick yourself up when you make a bad choice or lose. To learn from your mistakes but to go again, to redouble your efforts. And when you do succeed, because you will. We'll celebrate that victory hard, but we will be gracious in victory as much as we're gracious in defeat.

Enjoy the journey

We've chosen to do this. No one forced us. No one made us sign-up for this crazy ride. And although we’ve huge ambitions, the reality is there is no finish line or an end to the journey. Therefore it’s vital that we have fun on the journey, that we enjoy each other’s company and that we look out of the window along the way to enjoy the view

Together, our values guide our brand

Our commitment to out values matters, and we strive to make that clear to everyone who interacts with us.

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