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Our impact forest is where we get to see the power of all our collective actions and celebrate the journey we're on. The mighty oak and its power comes from 1 tiny acorn and every small action we take creates a life-time of positive change climate. Our race to net zero is about us celebrating every tree we've planted and every KG of CO2e offset or avoided.

15 trees
1.15 t CO2e
Climate projects
1.88 t CO2e
Emissions countered
Partners’ collective impact

{{Impact-profile}} is part of a collection of people taking action to reduce their carbon footprints. These numbers are the combined totals of their climate collective.

Trees planted
12 t
Projects funded
3.45 t
CO2 countered
Restoring forests
Planting native trees in damaged and defrosted areas to reestablish natural ecosystems.
Creating habitats
Manatees seek refuge among mangrove roots to protect their young from predators.
Storing emissions
Each tonne of CO2 sequestered or reduced is enough to fill one hot-air balloon.
Helping endangered species
The Mangrove Hummingbird, endemic to Costa Rica, are currently under-threat due to loss of habitat.

A glimpse into your impact

How you're making a difference
Battling climate change
Planting trees and funding carbon reduction projects helps reduce and remove harmful greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere.
Recovering a natural balance
When natural flora is destoryed, thee wildlife suffers. The endangered Proboscis Monkey is just one animal dealing with human-made damage.
Funding climate projects
Our community helps fund projects that reduce carbon emissions. These include community cooking solutions and wind, solar and hydro power.
Preventing ocean plastic
Around the world we help clear and save plastic from vulnerable coastlines and river systems to save the seas from increased plastic pollution.

Our trees are being currently planted in Tudor Creek, Mombassa, Kenya, in a beautiful 2216 hectare reforestation site, under the watchful eye of Victor Mwanga (Country Director Eden Reforestation Projects.

We plant mangroves as they absorb 5 times more carbon than northern hemisphere trees, whilst locking in huge amounts of waterborne carbon in their roots.

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