Integrate Zapier with SKOOT

This guide explains how to create your first Zapier Integration with SKOOT. The Zap we will be building plants a Tree at a specific time of day. Once you have done this you can choose any of the 3,000+ Apps Zapier supports to integrate with.

Step 3: Set Your Schedule

You do not need to turn this Zap live at the end the idea is that at the end of this process it will be very easy for you to set up any new Zaps for other Apps you use.

  1. Select if you want to trigger this on weekends
  2. Select the time of day you want to trigger planting a tree
  3. Progress Forward

Step 4: Connect SKOOT

At this point we will walk you through creating an account for SKOOT or connecting an existing SKOOT Account the process is the same.

  1. Select "Connect"
  2. Enter your SKOOT Token if you have one, if you don't we will set it up in the next step.

Step 7: Turn on Zap

At this point you should have successfully set up your first SKOOT Zap. You can enable this Zap if you want to plant a Tree every day at the specific time you set. If not you can now set up SKOOT and Zapier with any of the 4,000+ Apps they integrate with. Checkout our Zap Templates Below or Create Your Own.

  1. (Optional) Turn on Zap
  2. Checkout our Zap templates below or at SKOOT on Zapier

Zapier Templates