Basic criteria for SKOOT's Carbon Credits

General information

SKOOT prides itself in authenticity and partnering-up with the highest standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise your impact.

We have partnered with Gold Standard as not only do they manage the best practice standards for climate and sustainable development interventions but they also share the same values as us and help other people understand and share the same values around the world and the planet we share.

At SKOOT we have a couple of our values that when finding the right partners what we were looking for:

  • We needed REAL evidence that this project would reduce our CO2 emission.
  • For a project to be certified we needed to see that it was measurable and meeting the targets set.
  • We wanted to make sure that the projects claiming to be helping the planet aren't doing this by buying VCC as this would be defeating the whole idea of funding climate projects that are meant to be helping global warming.
  • We needed to make sure that the projects we were funding were not releasing any emissions into the atmosphere throughout the whole project. Also, we wanted to guarantee although they may be doing good and helping decrease emissions in one place, they then had increased emissions in another as this would be seen as a leaky project.
  • Last but not least third-party verification. We wanted to see third parties being able to also prove that the standards they held were good enough to help avoid producing any more emissions through the projects.

The reason why we have spent so long looking for the right partners is that these companies investigate projects and credits based on these factors. These projects go through endless tests to ensure what they are doing is benefiting the planet.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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