How to submit your reports

Green Service Charge

Why do you need to submit your reports?

You need to submit your reports so we can plant your trees. Adding an eco-friendly charge to your till; allows us to easily indicate how many trees we need to plant for you depending on your planting scheme.

Guide on how to send in your reports

Sending in reports is simple this guide will help you format and submit your reports, and how we use them.

1. Initial Call

Before you send your report to us we need to have an initial call to agree on how we plant your trees whether its planting per cover, table, or for every pound taken.

2. Format of your reports.

When sending in your reports we suggest they are sent via PDF, or CSV. This way we can easily upload them to our system.

3. Submitting your reports.

Depending on what you have decided, whether it's sending your reports weekly or daily, you need to send the reports to restaurants(restaurant-name) This will get sent to the SKOOT team and we will take care of the rest.

4. How we use them

We download your report onto our system and look at the number of trees we need to plant depending on per cover, table, or for every pound taken. This will already be stored under your account on our side and we will enter the date, the amount, and your report. If you ever need to see a report we can always access it until your account is closed.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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