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What is an Instant Ride

An Instant Ride is a drive that takes place between a driver and one passenger going to one destination.


You’ll make up to 45p per mile for each mile driven (price determined by a driver). The price includes the whole journey – so you get paid for the journey to pick up your friend, drive them to their requested destination, and then the journey for you to get home. We call that A – B – C – AA =
A = where you start
B = where your friend needs picking up
C =where your friend needs to be dropped off
A = back to where you started

How it works

To become a Rider (passenger), download SKOOT from the App Store or Google Play and register your account. To request a ride, enter the address of where you’re headed and confirm the location. SKOOT then lists the friends closest to you along with SKOOT’s auto-calculated cost of the journey. YOU then decide which friend you want to give you a ride on SKOOT. Your friend gets a notification from SKOOT showing all of the journey details. If they can’t make it, they can decline your request and you can then choose your next friend! When your friend accepts, you’ll be notified that they are on their way. A map shows you where your friend is including a countdown of how many minutes. When they arrive, you’ll be notified and when you get your location you just jump out of their car and the journey cost is made via your payment card automatically.

Do I have to agree to give a lift if someone asks me?

No, when a Rider requests a lift, we show them a list of their friends available to drive, and they can choose (maybe based on price, ETA, or preference). The Driver may not be able to agree to pick them up, due to any number of reasons and decide to decline the Ride.

What do I do if there aren't any drivers available?

There will be instances when none of your friends can give you a lift. When this happens we’ll enable you to invite more friends to join SKOOT, as the more of your friends who are on SKOOT the more likely that one of them will be available to give you a lift.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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