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SKOOT offers a variety of services for lots of different industries, but what they all pretty much have in common is every company employs someone. Even if you're self employed or have your own business, you are an employee.

If you're working from home or/and working from an office, you are still producing carbon and contributing to global warming. Working from home in the summer can save up to 400kg of CO2 from not commuting, as it is a leading factor in your employee's carbon footprint. However, if you work from home in winter, you can produce up to 2.5 tonnes more CO2 just because of your heating, as most house's heating systems will heat the whole house for one person rather than an office having the heating on for a large number of people.

Sadly, you can't avoid carbon. As more businesses employee's we want to help them take charge of their ESG goals. One employee alone produces 1.6 tonnes of CO2 a year, and that's ignoring the commute they may undertake. We are all part of the ecosystem, and we all need to be responsible and take ownership of our footprint by reducing or offsetting it. SKOOT has created these services for all businesses to offset their staff quickly and easily.

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October 19, 2022

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