Protecting the people who plant our trees

Tree planting

Eden Reforestation Projects hires local people to plant trees, helping alleviate extreme poverty within the impacted communities. They do this by providing fair wages for employment to the local community, and they do this by employing them as agents of global forest restoration. They hire people in rural villages in developing countries to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native forests on a massive scale.

Eden Reforestation has a methodology called "Employ to plant," this is to create positive socioeconomic and environmental outcomes.

The project aims to:

  1. Relieve extreme poverty by hiring local villagers to grow, plant, and guard large-scale forest restoration sites.
  2. Provide a consistent income to poverty-stricken communities encouraging economic growth.
  3. Restore the environment through reforestation efforts, improving fisheries, agriculture, and carbon sequestration.

Eden employs local communities to help families living in extreme poverty, who would usually be forced to cut down their forests to produce marketable goods to feed their families. Eden does this by giving them jobs in reforesting their land and understanding why it is so important. By removing this need and providing a source of reliable income, these families can then meet their primary needs and prepare for the future.

The employment of the local community also fosters a deep connection between the villagers and the land. Reforesting and protecting the land encourages the villagers to invest in the success and growth of trees, which they begin to love and care for.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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