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What is a Shared Drive?

SKOOT enables you to lift-share with your friends and even split the cost of driving. One of the best ways to help reduce carbon emissions when traveling is through lift-sharing. We want to encourage as many people as possible to lift share as well as planting a tree!


The price is determined by the driver, which can be selected to be 0, all the way up to 45p per mile (any more would invalidate your insurance). We believe it should be up to you to determine how much you charge per journey, which is why we introduced this new feature. The price is set upfront, so no surprises. Each passenger pays a one-off 5p carbon offset charge per ride to ensure every ride is carbon negative. But we have waived this cost currently. Remember, we plant trees with your carbon offsetting fee. Rider payment is taken at confirmation of accepting Shared Drive.

How it works?

If you’re a Driver and are planning on going somewhere (to Uni, shops, gym, etc), you let your mates know through SKOOT, and they can jump in with you. Everyone shares the cost equally on a Shared Drive so the Driver is repaid for the running costs of the journey. It’s a win-win! To go on a Shared Drive, click on the icon, enter the start location, destination, date, and time and add your friends to the journey. Make sure both of you have each other saved in contacts. They’ll receive a notification of the invite and will need to accept so you know who’s joining your Shared Drive. To begin Shared Drive a Driver and Rider should be at the same location, counting both parties jumping in the same car to start a Shared Drive. When you reach your Shared Drive destination, the Driver confirms the trip is complete and the funds will automatically get transferred to the driver.

What if no one accepts my Shared Drive?

When creating a Shared Drive, you select the number of seats available and add friends within your network that you'd like to join. From there they have the option to either Accept or Decline the invite. Seeing as you are the driver, you can start the journey whenever you like. If you are waiting for a response, we would recommend that you get in contact with your friend to confirm whether they are coming or not. From that point onwards, you can either add more friends to the trip (if necessary) or carry on and start your SKOOT journey!

Do I have to agree to give a lift if someone asks me?

No, when a Rider requests a lift, we show them a list of their friends available to drive, and they can choose (maybe based on price, ETA, or preference). The Driver may not be able to agree to pick them up, due to any number of reasons and decide to decline the Ride.

What do I do if there aren't any drivers available?

There will be instances when none of your friends can give you a lift. When this happens we’ll enable you to invite more friends to join SKOOT, as the more of your friends who are on SKOOT the more likely that one of them will be available to give you a lift.

Updated on

October 19, 2022

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