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Our SKOOT community

Helping create a cleaner and greener world

Planting trees, removing ocean-bound plastic and funding carbon reduction projects

We use a trusted combination of climate change solutions to help businesses and individuals reduce and remove their carbon footprint.

Accredited by leading climate change partners

It's so much more than just planting trees

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Mangroves are among the highest carbon storers
The average mangrove will sequester 6 kg of carbon in its 1st year that’s 1 tonne in its lifetime.
Planting trees restores forests as well as capturing carbon
Every 10,000 trees planted reforests an area equivalent to the size of a football pitch.
1 tonne of CO2 would inflate 1 regular sized hot-air balloon
To sequester this amount of carbon emissions, we’d need to plant at least 169 mangrove trees.
Globally, we deforest 10 billion trees every year
That’s enough trees to cover an area equivalent to the size of Portugal, and would take much longer than a year to re-plant.
Every activity produces carbon emissions
Even eating a meal at a restaurant emits 8kg of carbon per person. This equates to an average of 600kg each per year.
Trusted by a growing community around the world
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Countering carbon

Here's how our community is reducing their carbon footprint whilst protecting the planet and its lives from further destruction.

Planting trees
All of our trees are planted in damaged areas to restore eco-systems and provide employment.
Removing plastic
We recover plastic waste from vulnerable waterways and coastlines to prevent ocean-plastic pollution
Funding projects
Varied projects include renewable energy farms, environmental solutions, ecological research and social-care.
Helping communities
Each project we fund not only benefits the environment but works towards social improvement goals too.
Conserving forests
As well as starting new forests, we work with our partners to conserve endangered areas and habitats.
A trusted combination
Using these united actions enables us and our community to make the biggest impact possibe.

A bit more about SKOOT

The SKOOT blog

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Our climate projects

Our community help fund a variety of carbon reduction projects including solar and wind farms, community improvements and energy alternative initiatives.

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A few of our carbon solutions

Enables restaurants, bars and all other hospitality venues to plant trees for every diner, bill or order.
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Live carbon neutral with a SKOOT Life subscription. Plans available for single or multiple people.
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Carbon calculator
Designed for businesses, we'll help you workout, reduce and counter your total carbon footprint.
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Impact Shop
Your Dashboard helps you manage your impact with the Impact Shop allowing you to counter activities.
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