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Start your accountancy business on the journey to net zero today

Start taking climate change more seriously

More and more businesses are choosing to work with partners who care about the environment, customers are choosing to buy from sustainable businesses and government bodies are hammering down on the legalities around businesses reporting on what climate action is being taken and being held accountable for it.

Carbon accounting is becoming more of an industry-standard requirement than a nice-to-have for businesses. They need to know how much carbon they are emitting, so that clear, actionable reduction targets can be set. This means that accounting businesses need to be taking this into account when working out how different businesses are performing.

Carbon Calculator

Identify the carbon footprint of your hospitality business and receive the results in minutes.

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Sustainability can be simple for your accountancy business with SKOOT

Easily identify your carbon footprint using the Carbon Calculator to understand your emissions. Calculate your carbon emissions in 5 mins. Receive your results instantly.

You can use these results to understand where you can avoid creating extra carbon in your business. For example, choosing a sustainable energy provider.

Then you can use SKOOT Solutions to reduce and remove CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided by purchasing Verified Carbon Credits and Certified Trees from the Carbon Reduction Shop.

How else can your sustainability business help the planet?

1. Choose to work with more businesses who care about their carbon footprint

2. Encourage other businesses you work with to take more action to lower their footprint.

3. Use platforms like SKOOT to help businesses understand where they can lower costs and do better for the environment and improve overall accountancy.

4. Follow the steps in the above section to help businesses identify, offset and avoid carbon linked with their activities, and also within the supply chain.

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