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Start your hospitality business on the journey to net-zero today.

The hospitality industry comes under particular scrutiny with global livestock production accounting for approx. 15% of man-made carbon emissions and the average 3-course meal in a restaurant producing 8kg of carbon. That's like the weight of the average microwave or dining chair.

This makes the hospitality industry one of the biggest producers of carbon emissions. But it doesn't have to be. There are more sustainable ways to run your hospitality business or restaurant and for consumers to continue to enjoy eating, drinking and staying out without it making a massive impact on the state of the planet.

Bring sustainable services to your consumers today

We provide a unique solution specifically for businesses in the hospitality industry to make their services more sustainable at the point of sale and to give your customers the opportunity to have a further positive impact on the planet too.

With our hospitality and restaurant solution, you can add a Green Service Charge and plant Certified Trees for every transaction to offset carbon from food miles.

Whether it is per person, per bill, or transaction, with our Green Service Checkout you and your customer can opt to automatically plant trees at the point of sale to remove your carbon footprint. Planting trees with SKOOT in your hospitality business costs as little as 30p per tree.

Want to understand your business emissions more?

Use the Carbon Calculator to work out what your carbon footprint is. Your results show you where the majority of your emissions come from. This pinpoints areas where you can start to lower your emissions today.

Along with your emissions results from the Carbon Calculator, we will suggest packages for you to offset 100%, 200% or more of your carbon. We do this by planting Certified Trees and purchasing Verified Carbon Credits.

If you would rather purchase offset for other business activities straight away, head to our Carbon Reduction Shop to purchase offset.

Read more about the solution or get in touch to find out more.