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Discover how to take your marketing and communications agency to net-zero today and enable your clients to run more sustainable campaigns.


A company strategy focusing on sustainability has many benefits - it can add brand value, meet consumer demands, increase efficiency, attract valuable talent and create new opportunities. Marketing agencies have the opportunity to breach the gap between knowing and doing in sustainability as their inherent purpose of connecting with and engaging communities can help inspire not only clients but consumers to make a behavioural change. So many brands and their leaders are aware of sustainability, fewer of them have a plan in place for it and the fewest amount actually take action.

Looking internally at your marketing company and your own footprint is a good place to start.

Lower the footprint of your marketing agency

You can use the SKOOT Carbon Calculator to easily work out your business emissions and understand which activities the highest emissions are linked to. This will help you identify areas you can start to cut down on emissions today.

Carbon Calculator

Identify the carbon footprint of your hospitality business and receive the results in minutes.

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Avoid creating extra carbon by creating more sustainable processes or habits. Whether you select a greener energy provider for the office or encourage people to carpool to work (we have an app to help you do that) it all helps lower your emissions.

Reduce and remove the emissions that can't be avoided. There are solutions that can help you to clean up the carbon that can't be avoided and with how simple it is to do, businesses in all industries have a responsibility to do this. Whether you want to offset 100% or more of the carbon footprint results from the calculator or offset certain activities using the SKOOT Shop, we have solutions to enable you to get to net zero today.

Some other top sustainability tips for marketing companies

1. Choose to work with clients who care about sustainability.

2. Encourage clients to choose more sustainable options.

3. Enable your clients to use solutions like SKOOT to remove carbon created for example offsetting the carbon from an event they host.

4. Recommend more sustainable campaign ideas to clients.

5. Use your own marketing expertise to promote sustainable ways of living and doing business.

Get in touch with us to find out how SKOOT can work for your marketing business or check out the solutions here.