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Lower the footprint of your recruitment business today.

Becoming sustainable is one of the most important investments you will make for your business. For the recruitment industry, it isn't only businesses lowering their own footprint that can help but sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor for businesses looking to hire and individuals looking for work.

It's important for the health of the planet, your staff and your clients, that all recruitment businesses are sustainable. It helps with retention and attraction.

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Identify the carbon footprint of your hospitality business and receive the results in minutes.

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How to create a Net Zero Recruitment Consultancy

1) Identify your carbon footprint

At SKOOT we've created a Carbon Calculator that in 5 minutes will give you an indication of your carbon footprint. We've created something that works for service led businesses and recruitment consultants, whether you have your own office, are fully remote or hybrid. This footprint helps you ensure you know what you need to reduce or offset.

2) Implement a reduction and avoidance plan

It's essential to have an action plan where sustainability goals are set for your company. What does success look like for your business? What are your challenges? Your footprint helps you know that.

But service-led businesses find it very difficult to reduce too much. Your biggest carbon will come from people, such as commuting and travel. So unless you're prepared to remove people, the main option is looking at making more sustainable choices, such as how you commute, renewable energy partners, using zoom versus flying, etc.

3) Offset the carbon you cannot reduce or avoid

Carbon offsetting is seen by some as being a lazy approach to get to net zero. The reality is that it's an incredibly powerful and effective tool when done with credible partners. Particularly for recruitment businesses, who cannot avoid or reduce their carbon footprint, as it's a people business.

SKOOT plants certified trees with Eden Reforestation and we buy verified carbon through Gold Standard and Vera.

This is likely to cost £18 per person per year to be net-zero.

SKOOT Life, also enables businesses to offset their staff's personal carbon emissions from £7 per person per month and every member of staff gets their own unique Impact Profile Forest.

Plus the SKOOT Shop enables you to add more offset to your plan for things like additional flights, events, conferences and more.

4) Showcase the good you're doing

Knitting together all the good you're doing, can be incredibly difficult, which is why at SKOOT, we create Impact Profile Forest pages, that businesses can use to highlight what they are doing.

Other ways you can lower your footprint

1. Choose to work with more clients that have sustainability as one of their values and who take climate action.

2. Take on more sustainability job roles

3. Make a carbon negative footprint part of the job role requirements

4. Use solutions like the SKOOT Carbon Calculator to identify, remove and avoid their own footprint.

Get in touch with us to find out how SKOOT can work for your accountancy business or check out the solutions here.