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Reduce carbon emissions in the travel industry


The carbon footprint created by travelling is higher than it has ever been. In the UK alone car travel represents 18% of all CO2 produced. That's almost 1/5 of the total carbon emissions.

In 2019 drivers travelled around 278 billion miles in a car. To offset the carbon produced from this, we would need to plant over 9 billion trees. That equates to the weight of 14.5 million elephants that each weigh 4000 kg.

People need to be accountable to clean up the carbon created by whichever mode of transport they use. Mobility with reduced emissions is what the industry needs to aim for if we are going to stop the global temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees.

There are ways to avoid creating as much carbon for example by riding a bicycle instead of driving or sharing a lift with friends instead of driving in a car alone to work. But we also need to take action to clean offset the carbon that cannot be avoided.

  • The average short haul flight creates 80kg of carbon
  • The average long haul flight creates 505kg carbon
  • The average return train journey is 30 miles and creates 53.2g carbon per a mile
  • The average return taxi journey is 15 miles and creates 228.2g carbon per mile

SKOOT offers solutions to help businesses and individuals to offset their carbon from travel.

Carbon negative travel with SKOOT

SKOOT Ride is the only carbon-negative green navigation app for drivers. This solution enables you to avoid creating unnecessary carbon by carpooling where you can and then to offset any unwanted carbon by automatically planting trees in the background.

With the SKOOT app you can:

- Keep track of how many green miles you are driving and how much carbon you have offset.
- Use in-built smart carpooling.
- Avoid and reduce emissions from driving.
- Enhance staff welfare and make returning to the workplace a little smoother.
- Plant trees and auto offset every drive
- Leaderboards and gamification to keep up to date with friends

Using SKOOT Ride as a business

The SKOOT app is the perfect way for your employees to get involved in the carbon removal process. If you want to offset and remove the carbon emissions from driving in your company get in touch with us today and we can recommend a package for you. Removing carbon from cars is just part of the process, if you want to remove your total carbon emissions SKOOT has multiple solutions to be your climate change partner.

Offset shop

We also make it easy for you to offset your carbon instantly with our Offset Shop. You may have already know the amount of carbon created by travel for business and personal employees and choose to purchase verified trees to offset a specific amount of carbon.

We also offer packages for different types of travel and other business activities that you can purchase individually. For example long haul flights, return train journeys and taxi trips. We calculate average carbon and frequency the mode of transport is used and then plant certified trees and purchase verified carbon credits to offset the amount of carbon created.

Whenever you purchase carbon offset with us and plant trees, it is tracked in your very own Impact Profile Forest. "

Need to understand your emissions more?

Start by identifying your carbon footprint. We provide an easy tool to do this on the SKOOT website. Use the Carbon Calculator to work out what your carbon footprint is. Your results show you where the majority of your emissions come from and pinpoints areas you can start to lower them today.

The next step is to use the the results from the Carbon Calculator to identify areas in your business where you can start to lower your emissions today. Avoiding extra carbon for example by using more sustainable suppliers and carpooling.

Then finally you should remove the carbon that can't be avoided. Along with your emissions results from the carbon calculator we will suggest packages for you to offset 100%, 200% or more of your carbon. We do this by planting Certified Trees and purchasing Verified Carbon Credits.

Carbon Calculator

Identify the carbon footprint of your hospitality business and receive the results in minutes.

Try the calculator

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