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How we calculate your emissions

We use the answers you gave to our questions, and combine that information with corporate standard statistics, which is taken from Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Here you can learn about how we worked-out your emissions, and tips on how you can reduce them.


Using the square footage of your office, we calculate how much power is consumed.
💡 Switch to a green energy supplier to redude emissions


Emissions from your employees commuting to and from work.
💡 Encourage carpooling where possible to help keep these down


We take the running of hardware, kitchen and toilet use, consumer goods and more into account.


All flights have a massive negative impact on our planet, particularly long-haul.
💡 Try using the train instead of short-haul flights when you can

Train rides

Train rides are much cleaner on CO2 emissions than flights are. Take trains over planes when you can.

Public transport

Although they still cause some emissions, public transport is the best conscious choice.
💡 Lookout for hybrid or even electric transportation

Ferry rides

The efficiency of ferries varies. Often, rail is better on the environment where possible.
💡 Switch to a green energy supplier to redude emissions


Taxi services have a negative carbon impact, especially if they only carry one passenger.
💡 Some services have ride-sharing capability to help costs and CO2

What happens next

When you have your results, you can go further and choose a plan to start offsetting your footprint. Offset up to 300% of your estimated emissions to ensure your business is carbon negative.

Fill in the calculator to see what you can do to start your journey to net-zero.

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