Plant as you code

Developer API

Asking potential customers to sign up to newsletters is never easy. Using our SKOOT Sign-up widget, every time an email address is submitted, we'll plant a tree to offset carbon. What better incentive is there?

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How it works

Setup and connect your emailing system in just 3 simple steps.

1. Create your SKOOT account

If you haven't already, register with SKOOT and add the Green Sign-up product to your panel.

2. Link to your emailling system

From the configuration page, select your emailing system from the list. Add in your API code, and setup your system.

3. Add the widget to your site

We'll provide you with the code so you can add it anywhere to your website. Email addresses will be added to your chosen contacts list.

Track your trees

See your impact

Every tree is planted and cared for by real people. See all of the trees you've helped plant on your own Impact Profile and share with your customers and clients.


Customers own their trees

The widget automatically allows customers to choose to plant the tree in their own forest.* But don't worry, the tree will still appear in yours.

*This will create a new forest for the customer, or add a new tree to a forest registered with the same email address.

Permanent retention

Grow forests together

Allowing customers to take ownership of their trees establishes a connection between you and them.

Unsubscribing from newsletters takes seconds, but planted trees will always exist.