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Automate tree planting

Plant trees with every transaction

Our e-commerce plugin automates the planting of trees to offset carbon and combat deforestation. You can plant any number of trees per transaction, or make it revenue based. Customers can also choose to buy their own trees.

How to get started

Configure it your way

You can choose to automatically plant trees every item, every transaction or revenue based.

You can also turn off automatic planting, and ask customers to plant their own trees for their purchases.

Set your prices

We charge you 12p to plant one tree, but it's up to you if you want to add margin to customers' trees.

You can even choose to match every tree a customer plants.

See your forest growing

We record all of your planted trees on your own dedicated webpage.

You can see how many trees you have planted, their ages and how much carbon you've offset.

Show your customers the good you're doing

Share your forest

We keep track of every tree and every kilogram of carbon they sequester. So why keep it all to yourself, shout about it!

We will provide you with tree counter footer images and links so you can direct customers and clients to your forest,

Easy to setup

Install for free
Just pay for the trees you plant - £0.12 /tree
Create a SKOOT account
From the plugin settings page
Setup your preferences
Configure the plugin, and you're ready!

Your rules

Our configuration allows you to plant trees automatically, ask customers to buy and plant their own trees, and gives you the chance to match the trees they buy.

Start offsetting now

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