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For as little as 31p per day you can remove your entire carbon footprint by planting certified trees and take ownership of verified offset from carbon projects to reduce your negative climate impact.

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Carbon neutral living
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Continue below to start offsetting your life. We plant certified trees to reduce carbon emissions and claim verified carbon credits to offset your footprint.

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Want to make even more of a positive impact? You can choose to offset your entire household. Include adults and any children.

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Start living carbon neutral

Calculate your business's carbon footprint with our free carbon calculator tool. From here you can meet your environmental targets offsetting your business’s emissions and your employees lives.

If you're not quite ready for your business to be carbon neutral, but want to enquire about offsetting your employees' lives, just send us an email and we will get back to you.

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Offset your life

Help build a cleaner, greener world

Choose to offset yourself, your family or even your employees and we'll calculate your monthly subscription cost.

For every life you offset, you will plant 12 mangrove trees every month. Not only do these trees absorb harmful carbon emissions, but they also restore damaged eco-systems and provide employment for local communities.

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We offset your entire carbon footprint

The average carbon footprint per person is about 750kg CO2 per person, per month. That's 9 tonnes every year!

SKOOT balances your entire carbon footprint every month to ensure your completely carbon neutral.

How it works

A trusted offset combination

Every month, we will plant 12 trees and claim 679kg of offset from verified carbon projects per person. This means 100% of your carbon footprint is offset every single month.

And what's more, the trees planted will continue to offset increasingly more emissions as they grow.

A place to view and share your total positive impact

The Impact Profile Forest is where you can share and present the positive contributions you are making to reduce and remove your carbon footprint.

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