How SKOOT Plants Trees With Eden Reforestation

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February 22, 2024
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Our mission at SKOOT is to create a world where every business, community and individual is carbon negative. In order to do this people have to be able to easily offset, identify and avoid their carbon emission. 

Tree planting falls into the carbon removal and offsetting category and SKOOT has partnered with Eden Reforestation to complete this mission (rebuilding a holistic ecosystem of people and planet). 

  1. Why We Picked Eden
  2. Where We Plant 
  3. What We Plant 
  4. How We Help The Community 
  5. How We Protect Our Sites

Why We Picked Eden

Eden is one of the most trusted NGOs when it comes to reforestation, and SKOOT’s choice to pick Eden came from considerable research as we wanted to ensure we were regenerating both the land and the community in our tree planting process. 

Where We Plant our Trees

The designated site where we plant our mangrove trees is Tudor Creek located in Kenya, it is a 2216 hectare reforestation site.  Kenya is a country famous for its diverse wildlife and its forests which provide continuous support in the form of employment and shelter for its communities. 

However, over 90% of Kenya has been deforested due to the dangerous combination of logging, charcoal burning and illegal settling which has caused severe drought and extreme poverty with 42% of the population living below the poverty line. 

Eden works closely with the government to try and aid Kenya with its commitment to reforestation. The site that we were given with Eden is extremely close to where Mark Stringer, one of our founders grew up, and he wanted to give back to the community he has such fond memories of. 

Local employees tree planting with Eden

What We Plant 

The trees planted at our site are Mangrove trees which are incredible at storing and capturing carbon, in its first year of a life a single mangrove tree will remove approximately 5.9 kg of carbon and its lifespan over 750kg. Globally mangroves are estimated to store over 6.4 billion tonnes of carbon in their soil which makes them highly effective at reducing climate change.

Mangrove saplings at Tudor Creek

How we Help The Community 

Eden aims to connect with the local communities by building relationships with the local leaders who want both their community and their environment to thrive. Eden employs local people with a fair and constant wage which provides the employees with an economic incentive to ensure the wellbeing of the reforestation project. 

Every 1000 trees planted on our site equates to 10 days of employment for the local people

As well as this, the employees possess a deep commitment to the reforestation of their country as they are aware of the benefits it brings to the local communities and a sense of pride and ownership is created over the forests they have nurtured from the ground up.

Protected Sites 

Additionally, in order to protect the forests, forest guards are also employed as a part of the labor force, and for every 1 tree planted 1% of the price of each tree is paid into the ‘Forest Guard Endowment Fund’ for the long term security and protection of every Eden site. 

A local employee at our site in Kenya

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Written by
February 22, 2024
3 min read