We're on a mission to create a carbon-free world.

Mother Nature can’t wait until 2030 for us to start making a change. That's why we have a goal to enable as many people as possible to start taking climate action right now.

We help you and your business achieve net zero by:

🔍 Identifying your carbon footprint
🌳 Providing quality climate solutions to offset
🌍 Enabling you to avoid carbon emissions

About Us

SKOOT is a platform for Climate Change helping businesses, individuals and communities remove their carbon footprint to build a cleaner, greener world, in the race to net-zero.

Offering a range of simple solutions to a complex problem we help identify your carbon footprint, provide quality climate solutions to carbon offset and supply unique tools to avoid carbon emissions.

Working with world-renowned NGO’s we plant certified trees that are protected, and cared for and two of the biggest and most established companies to provide VerifiedCarbon Credits.

Our patented green navigation and carpooling App, SKOOT Ride, has helped plant over 220k trees to date, with over 330,000 green miles driven by 27,000 SKOOTers.

We understand that there is no Planet B, that's why we want to provide the world with a Plan A to restore our ecosystems. Our mission is to unite people to collectively work towards a carbon-free world. Together we have the power to reverse years of climate damage and join the race to net-zero.

Become a climate conscious partner of SKOOT and start making tomorrow's impact, today!

Our Story

SKOOT was originally an idea that came about when co-founder, Greg Gormley's daughter, Amelia didn’t come home one night. It turned out she had spent the night giving her friends lifts. This led Greg to want to help solve the mobility issue faced by young people.

He joined forces with Mark Stringer to create a carbon-negative carpooling app. However, along that journey it became apparent that the biggest issue they needed to focus on was eliminating the carbon emissions from driving. The need for a solution for businesses, communities, and individuals to be able to offset and remove their carbon footprint became even more apparent and hence the SKOOT climate platform was born.

Launched in July of

2020 📅

remote from day one
App downloaded by

30k 📱

users golbally

224,880 🌳

trees with our SKOOTers
SKOOT app used in

121+ 🌍

cities worldwide

The SKOOT Values

Our mission

To create a world where every business, community and individual is carbon negative. Where people can easily identify, offset and avoid their carbon emissions, all at the touch of a button.

Remote working

We have been working remotely since day one, and really see the value in working where you feel most comfortable. Being remote also enables us to hire the best talent from around the world whilst maintaining a great work/life balance, and keeping emissions down.

Carbon negative workforce

We don't just enable businesses and individuals to offset their carbon, we also ensure all of our colleagues carbon output is negative through tree planting and verified offset.

Improving communities

With our planting partners, Eden Reforestation we aim to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by helping employ local people to plant millions of trees every year.

Meet our team

Our SKOOTers across 7 countries

Alexander Browne


Amelia Gormley

Marketing Executive

Andrei Busuioc

Software Engineer

Bella Chisin

Graphic Designer

Bogdan-Andrei Roatis

Software Engineer

Dan Leitão

Director of product

Declan Warner

Software Engineer

Greg Gormley

Co-Founder & CEO

Kami Karbasioun

Commercial Manager

Lisa Schumann

Frontend Engineer

Lucas Infante

Software Engineer

Mark Stringer

Co-Founder & CMO

Martin Kemp

Site Reliability Engineer

Mason Cook

Product Designer

Mustafa Fajandar

Software Engineer

Naomi Marden

Operations Manger

Nathan Parker

Software Engineer

Peter Gyure

Software Engineer

Sabrina Chisin

Community Manager