Carbon Marketplace

Purchasing Carbon credits
Fund certified climate projects with high social and humanitarian benefits. We help you though A-Z of the process from procurement to retirement.

VCC’s are verified via Gold Standard, Verra, & UN and ensure we adhere to the highest governance and compliance standards in the industry.
Accredited by leaders in climate change action
VCC Selection
Expert guidance on choosing VCCs through Gold Standard, Verra, & UN, ensuring top governance and compliance.
Customised Portfolio
Tailored VCC mixes for impactful storytelling, supporting diverse projects and countries for broader enhancement.
Impact Visualisation
Highlighting the positive effects of your support on CO2 emission counteractions through vivid project stories.
Sustainability Goals
Facilitating your journey to net-zero and SBTI targets with our dedicated team and comprehensive carbon market insights.
ESG & SDG Alignment
Aligning carbon reduction or removal projects with your ESG initiatives and SDG objectives for holistic sustainability.
Expertise & Support
Our team leverages deep expertise to connect your wider sustainability efforts with effective carbon management solutions.
Trusted by a growing community around the world

Projects We're Supporting

Explore our catalogue of global humanitarian projects we've helped fund and support.
Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan free for 30 days.
India Biogas Cookstove
Kenya Biogas Cookstoves
Brazil Biodiversity and Preservation
Peru Food Bank

Comprehensive VCC Advisory Services

Our specialized team offers unparalleled advisory services for selecting Voluntary Carbon Credits (VCCs) from leading standards like Gold Standard, Verra, and the UN. We ensure our clients meet the highest governance and compliance benchmarks, paving the way for impactful environmental contributions.

Customised Carbon Offset Solutions

We understand the power of storytelling in environmental projects. Our services are designed to help you find the perfect mix of VCCs, supporting a variety of projects and countries. This not only enhances your environmental impact but also enables you to share a deeper, more compelling narrative about your commitment to sustainability.

Strategic Pathways to Net-Zero

Achieving net-zero emissions and meeting Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) goals can be complex. Our team employs its extensive expertise in the carbon marketplace to integrate your broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives with tangible carbon reduction or removal projects. We're here to make your sustainability journey straightforward and impactful.
“Our industry is focussed on sustainability. SkootEco makes it simple for us to reduce all of our employees' carbon footprints.”
Jamie Shuttle
Partner at Edward Charles and Partners
“SkootEco's mission beautifully aligned to the mission for our event and they're wonderful to work with.
Fiona Bosman
Fiona Bosman at Bupa
“A simple, small solution where users can implement on the spot to make a difference is a task we're happy to embark upon.
Oliver Auerbach
VP or Product Development at Oracle
“The simplicity, professionalism, and passion that SKOOT brings to our partnership is truly commendable.”
Addyson Pope
Communications Director, D.ream International
“What we particularly like about SKOOT is its ability to bring fans, exhibitors, and visitors on this sustainability journey with us.”
Paul Michael
Managing Director, Coventry Building Society Arena
“We are passionate about our planet and are proud to be working with Top 5% B Corp, SKOOT, which is aligned to our mission of creating a cleaner, greener future for all.”
Ian McKee
Head of Communication, GoodEnergy
“we've countered our carbon in the most efficient, transparent & fun way. Their event-based certificates provide a tangible link between our actions and mitigations.”
Courteney Levy-Collins
Event Manager, Adoreum

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