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We're B-Corp Certified and help businesses lower their carbon footprint through certified tree planting and verified carbon credits. Mother Nature can’t wait until 2030, can you?

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It's a community effort

"Along with their commitment to improving the environment, SKOOT is dedicated to supporting Eden Reforestation Projects' work in uplifting developing communities by empowering them through fair-wage employment to become agents of global reforestation."

Debra Crawford

Chief Development Officer, Eden Reforestation

Time to take responsibility

The race to net-zero is now. It isn't someone else's job to "clean up" your carbon after you. Your emissions are yours to remove and with solutions like planting trees and investing in carbon projects, there is no excuse not to take action. In less than 5 minutes you can identify, remove or avoid your carbon emissions. Sign-up today to start protecting the environment and your business.

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CO2 is our enemy

It can be quite daunting (and scary) to think that carbon, the building block of life could destroy everything that we know and love, and we hate the idea of that. So we're building a climate-conscious community that wants to fight climate change. We're on a mission to  make it easy for everyone to take action and reduce their footprints, today.

What our users have to say


"SKOOT makes it possible for Harbour to achieve carbon zero status. We used SKOOT’s carbon calculator to identify our carbon emission levels, then after reducing as much of our carbon footprint as we possibly can, we offset any remaining carbon emissions by planting the equivalent number of trees it would take to compensate. We also use SKOOT to help keep the team aligned and engaged with Harbour’s mission to be as sustainable as we possibly can be."

Jackie Bicknell
People & Culture Partner

Mighty Atoms

“We're all about measurement and impact at Mighty Atoms so love that fact that SKOOT shows me exactly what I need to do to negate our carbon impact every month and then provide easy integrated solutions to actually do it”

Tim Gambrill
Founder and Managing Director


"SKOOT's easy to use interface and progress updates make carbon offsetting for business a seamless experience. Having the highly knowledgeable and passionate SKOOT team guide you through the process provides further value to the service."

Liall Arafa
Head of Strategic Partnership

Mutts & Hounds

"We wanted a simple way to remove our carbon footprint for deliveries and SKOOT provided us with an easy solution for our Shopify site, plus enabled us to easily showcase how many trees we plant in real-time, and enable each of our customers to have their own virtual forests."

Andrea Sleep
ESG Manager

Edward Charles

"Making the commercial property industry more sustainable is something we are all focussed on, it was therefore critical that Edward Charles was at a minimum carbon neutral so SKOOT was a natural choice as we wanted to remove the carbon footprint for all our staff's personal and professional carbon emissions at the same time."

Jamie Shuttle
Partner at Edward Charles & Partners

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SKOOT offers a range of simple solutions to a complex problem, no matter where you are on your journey to net-zero. We identify your carbon footprint, supply unique tools to avoid carbon emissions, and provide quality climate solutions to offset the rest.

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