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Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint

Our carbon calculator works-out your company's carbon footprint in under 5 mins.

For as little as £10 /month, we plant trees and fund CO2e offset through climate projects to reduce and remove your carbon footprint.

*The ability to update your inputs and add new data on an ongoing basis will be launching in Q2 2022.
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Calculate your footprint in under 5 minutes

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Answer simple questions to calculate your business’s footprint quickly and easily.


We help you remove your CO2 through certified trees and verified carbon credits.


Free Impact Forest Profile to keep track and showcase the positive impact you make.


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How it works

A trusted offset combination

Choose how much of your footprint you want to offset and we will plant trees and fund CO2e offset through verified carbon projects.

And what's more, the trees planted will continue to offset increasingly more emissions as they grow.

What you get

Everything in one place

Log in to your SKOOT dashboard to access all of the features that come with your offset subscription.

Customisable and shareable Impact Profile
Generate certificates to showcase your impact
Monthly email updates about your impact
Plant extra trees and offset more CO2 in your dashboard

What happens next?

Use your results and select a SKOOT plan to offset your emissions.

Once you have your carbon footprint results, you can start reducing your footprint and select a SKOOT plan to offset your remaining emissions.

To ensure your business is carbon negative, we can offset up to 300% of your estimated emissions.

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How we calculate your emissions

We use the answers to our questions, and combine that information with corporate standard statistics, taken from Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


Using the square footage of your office, we calculate how much power is consumed.
💡 Switch to a green energy supplier to reduce emissions


Emissions from your employees commuting to and from work.
💡 Encourage carpooling where possible to help reduce emissions.


We take the running of hardware, kitchen and toilet use, consumer goods and more into account.


All flights have a massive negative impact on our planet.
💡 Use the train instead of short-haul flights when you can.

Train rides

Train rides create less CO2 emissions than flights. Take trains over planes when you can.

Public transport

Although public transport still creates CO2, it is a more planet conscious choice than driving.
💡 Lookout for hybrid or even electric transportation.

Ferry rides

The efficiency of ferries varies. Often, rail is better on the environment.


Taxi services have a negative carbon impact, especially if they only carry one passenger.
💡 Use SKOOT Ride app to offset or ride share where possible.