Make an impact with JokePit

Plant 1 tree, remove 2 ocean-bound plastic bottles, and counter 16kg of carbon projects.

Our total impact so far

JokePit is on a mission to make every event carbon neutral.

Illustration of a mangrove sapling
Planted, certified, and protected
Illustration of a crushed plastic bottle
Plastic bottles
Recovered waste from coastlines
Illustration of a  the earth in the shape of a heart
Tones CO2
Countered via climate projects

A powerful combination

Here's how our community is reducing their carbon footprint whilst protecting the planet and its lives from further destruction.

Planting trees
All of our trees are planted in damaged areas to restore eco-systems and provide employment.
Removing plastic
We recover plastic waste from vulnerable waterways and coastlines to prevent ocean-plastic pollution
Funding projects
Varied projects include renewable energy farms, environmental solutions, ecological research and social-care.
Helping communities
Each project we fund not only benefits the environment but works towards social improvement goals too.
Conserving forests
As well as starting new forests, we work with our partners to conserve endangered areas and habitats.
A trusted combination
Using these united actions enables us and our community to make the biggest impact possibe.
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We're SkootEco

We’re making it possible for businesses and individuals to counter their carbon emissions using simple and trusted methods.