An Interview With One of Our Climate Partners- Mutts & Hounds

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February 22, 2024
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At SKOOT we have a continuously growing community of climate conscious partners, who are joining our mission to a cleaner and greener world.

We like to share what they do on a general level but also what they are doing to fight against climate change.

We are excited to introduce you to Andrea Sleep with Mutts & Hounds.

What is your job title and what do you do within Mutts & Hounds?

I’m Andrea Sleep, the marketing and ecommerce manager. I take care of the website, social media and graphic design for Mutts & Hounds.  

Who is Mutts & Hounds?

From collars and leads to beds, carriers, toys and treats, Mutt & Hounds specialises in quintessentially English luxury dog products, focusing on British Style and sensibility but not forgetting the importance of practicality for country living.

Many of our products are handmade in our Wiltshire studio, allowing our small yet passionate team the flexibility to introduce exciting new prices each season and retain a high standard of quality throughout.

How do you work with SKOOT?

We wanted to lower our carbon footprint and give customers more sustainable offering and SKOOT are the perfect partner to help us to achieve this. We now plant a tree with every order and if a customer purchases an extra tree, we match it!

We’ve recently installed the SKOOT widget that sits at the bottom of our website enabling visitors to instantly access our carbon impact profile. This profile is a valuable visual tool that brings about our sustainability journey to life, providing a real time view of our progress. Our customers also love to know the type of tree chosen and exactly where each one is planted!

What else do M&H do around sustainability?  

Our mission is to make the highest quality products but in a sustainable way, so we not only look after your dog but after the planet too.

We use British suppliers wherever possible and many of our materials and products are sourced in the UK, for example traditional tweeds from Yorkshire, natural grooming products from the Suffolk countryside and rope collars and leads that use wool from Dartmoor sheep.

We are also waste conscious at Mutts & Hounds. Our products are produced in small batches, which significantly cuts down both product waste (excess material, defective items) and production waste (water, energy). Any remaining fabric that is leftover during the manufacturing process is turned into smaller accessories such as bow ties and neckerchiefs.

We also have a recycle point in the office and try to use as little packaging as we can when sending our order and what we do use, we aim to make it reusable and recyclable.

What does the future look like for Mutts & Hounds over the coming weeks/ months?

We've already launched two collections this year and the remainder of 2022 looks just as exciting, with another range arriving in Autumn.

We’re always looking for ethical, sustainable suppliers to partner with and help reduce our carbon footprint. The retail industry is one of the UK’s biggest contributors to global warming so it's important that we all pull together to make a change.

Since joining SKOOT in February 2022, we’ve already planted over 2000 trees and removed over 12 tonnes of CO2 and we are looking forward to continuing this amazing progress!

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Written by
February 22, 2024
5 min read