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Automatically plant trees when you code

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August 23, 2022

Now more than ever we all need to come together and make a difference, because we are running out of time to fight climate change. It can be confusing and feel hard to find a simple a way to combat your carbon footprint, but don't let this stop you from doing good for the planet.

The United Nations Climate Science Body conducted a 6 year study showing substantial damages on lives and livelihoods. The study shows increasing and irreversible losses on land and sea, but SKOOT has a solution that could benefit your business as well as the environment.

Our API solution allows you to connect any application or site directly to SKOOT to plant certified trees or purchase verified carbon offset. This makes it easier for developers to build better climate-conscious tech in just a few clicks.

SKOOT encourages you to share your hard work with other businesses and your consumers, because you should be proud of every offset you make. That's why we have created shareable assets to use across your marketing collateral, as well as your very own Impact Forest Profile. Your Impact Forest Profile is a visual representation of the trees that you’ve planted and the positive impact you’re making on the planet with SKOOT.

If you are interested in learning more about SKOOT's API solution, then please click the following link:

The solutions we offer don't stop there - we have a range of products available on our website to help you offset your carbon, and if you are unsure of which products best suit your business please reach out to us on [email protected], we are always willing and ready to help.