Coventry Building Society Arena announces ambitious new partnership with sustainability partner, SKOOT

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February 22, 2024
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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Coventry Building Society Arena, a collaboration poised to set new benchmarks in sustainability for stadiums across the UK.

A Shared Vision

From global tree planting to the removal of ocean plastics, our alliance with Coventry Building Society Arena is underpinned by a shared commitment to environmental stewardship. At the heart of this partnership is the “32F” carbon reduction initiative designed to transform Coventry Arena into one of the UK's cleanest and greenest stadiums.

Immediate Impact Initiatives

Plastic Elimination & Tree Planting: Our journey begins with immediate actionable steps. We are joining forces with NGO partner, Plastic Bank, to remove 20,000 ocean plastic bottles. In collaboration with Eden Reforestation and the generous support of Bidfood Group, 10,000 trees are set to be planted, representing a significant leap towards the Arena's impressive target of planting 100,000 trees by 2024.

Employee Engagement:
As a nod to Coventry Arena’s dedicated 250-member staff, we will plant a tree in Hindi Nepal for each employee, strengthening our commitment to global reforestation.

Empowering Fans and Visitors To Take Action

To build a truly sustainable future, it's imperative to engage the very people who make events memorable: fans and visitors. 

QR Codes & Impact Counters: Strategic placements of QR codes, especially around recycling zones and parking areas, will enable fans to play an active role in tree planting and ocean plastic removal. Additionally, real-time impact counters and screens will echo the combined eco-efforts of Coventry Building Society Arena and its enthusiastic visitors and fans. 

Eco-Contribution: In the upcoming months, every purchase at the arena's bars and restaurants will include a small eco-contribution, accelerating the journey towards the ambitious tree planting target.

Fan Competitions: Exciting competitions will see fans contributing even more to sustainability. Each participating fan will symbolise a tree planted, with lucky winners enjoying “The Greenest Seats in the House” and exclusive tickets to coveted events like 'Christmas at the Chocolate Factory'.

Beyond the Arena: A Wider Commitment

Coventry Building Society Arena introduced a range of new sustainability measures in 2023, from sustainable packaging to enhanced recycling stations, painting a broader picture of the venue's dedication.

Talking about the partnership, Paul Michael, Managing Director at Coventry Building Society Arena, said, "Our collaboration with SKOOT aligns with our vision of improved environmental stewardship. We admire SKOOT's unique approach in involving fans and visitors in this journey."

Our CMO and Co-Founder, Mark Stringer added: "Venues and arenas face increasing demands for sustainability. Our bespoke programmes aim to guide them on this path. This partnership with Coventry Building Society Arena, an iconic Midlands venue, exemplifies the ripple effect small actions can create."

Together, SKOOT and Coventry Building Society Arena are embarking on a journey to inspire others and make tangible differences. Join us as we work hand-in-hand for a more sustainable future.

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Written by
February 22, 2024
3 min read