IPCC Climate Impact Report

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February 22, 2024
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We need to all do our part in combating climate change and we can't rely on only a few people to do it for us. It's a joint effort!

In 8 years, we could lose 1,200,000 species (14%) if the 1.5°c temperature change occurs (for context 500 species have become extinct in the last 100 years) - The world needs simple solutions to the complex and difficult climate crises.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, also known as the IPCC, have conducted a 6-year study showing the severity of the impacts of climate change.

The assessments show the implications and potential future risk of climate change, and put forward options of how we can adapt and reduce the dire situation we face.

Which is why we all need to make and take small everyday actions to make a huge difference.

If we don't act now we are going to miss the small window to reverse the effects of climate change.

Our ecosystem and environment are incredibly vulnerable. As the species creating the problem we need to take responsibility for the problem, and protect the world, but also the other species in it.

The impact is being felt around the world as sadly half of humanity lives in a “danger zone“ meaning ecosystems are very close to no return.

We have summarised some of the key points from the IPCC Climate Impacts Report and what they mean for the future of our planet.

But it's not all doom and gloom.

We're excited about the growing number of companies like SKOOT championing the positive action we can all take today, as businesses, communities and individuals.

So today, do something, because our collective small actions, will be the difference.

Plant a Certified Tree, purchase a tonne of Verified Carbon, walk to work, turn off a light, buy a vegan sandwich, turn off a tap.

We all have the power to be the change.

If you are interested in starting your own sustainable journey SKOOT has lots of products that could potential suit your business or personal life.

The first step we suggest is identifying how much carbon you produce so we can suggest how many certified trees you need to plant or verified carbon credits you need to buy to offset the carbon produced.

By identifying your carbon we can also find ways on how you can avoid unnecessary carbon. By simply using our SKOOT Ride app you can ride share into work which means you are producing less emissions by only taking one car rather than 4 as road travel equates to 1/5 of CO2 being produced!

There are other products that SKOOT offer that may suit your business so please check our website at www.SKOOT.eco or email us at [email protected] and we can help find a solution that works for you!

Happy offsetting!

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Written by
February 22, 2024
3 min read