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King Charles III, the first climate king

Written by
Poppy Stringer
min read
May 9, 2023

As the Prince of Wales was well known for his dedication to environmental causes, a passion he highlighted during the six decades he spent as monarch in waiting. One of the earliest outspoken proponents of protecting the planet, and seen as many as a “green tree hugger”.

When Elizabeth came to the throne she was young and what she stood for was unclear but as Charles is taking the throne at a later age it is clear what he stands for.

King Charles has long been known for his dedication to environmental causes. Throughout the years he has warned about the destructive processes that are harming the planet, he has consistently spoken out about the importance of preserving natural resources, promoting sustainable practices, and taking action to address climate change.

One of King Charles' most significant contributions to environmental protection is his support for organic farming. He has converted the land at his Highgrove House estate to organic farming methods, which helps to reduce the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers and promotes biodiversity.

The gardens consist of a kitchen garden, a formal garden, and a wild garden that functions as a sustainable sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. Additionally, the property has been equipped with solar panels to generate renewable energy. Waste produced on the premises is treated using a natural sewage system. 

The ‘duchy organic’ range was founded by King Charles, with the products grown on the Home Farm at Highgrove, it has now become one of the largest UK's own-label organic food and drink brands. 

In addition to promoting sustainable agriculture, King Charles has been involved in initiatives that protect and conserve natural habitats. He has established several wildlife conservation programs, such as the Red Squirrel Survival Trust, which aims to protect the endangered red squirrel population in the UK. He has also supported initiatives to protect and restore natural habitats, such as wetlands and woodlands, which are crucial to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Another of King Charles' most significant contributions to the environmental movement is his founding of The Prince's Trust, which aims to promote sustainable practices in businesses and communities. The trust has helped to fund a wide range of initiatives, from renewable energy projects to urban farming initiatives.

In recognition of his efforts to protect the environment, King Charles has received numerous awards and honours. He has been awarded the Global Environmental Citizen Award from the Harvard School of Public Health, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Environmental Law Institute, and the Environmental Sustainability Award from the Natural Resources Defence Council.

At SKOOT we believe King Charles will tread the thin line of being unable to be political, but will continue to support and encourage advances in the climate fight due to his commitment to promoting sustainability and conservation. His dedication to these causes serves as an inspiration to many people around the world and highlights the important role that individuals can play in creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

Poppy Stringer

Our eco-conscious blog writer. Passionate about sustainability, she's on a mission to combat ecosystem decline with insightful blogs, driven by her concern for the planet's future.