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Carpool to put less pressure on the environment and fuel supply

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December 22, 2021

"There are many benefits to starting carpooling right now."

After three of the UK’s biggest fuel providers have warned of shortages, people have been up in arms about the potential of not being able to access fuel and potentially not being able to drive. Rather than panic, we need to look at solutions and alternatives to lower the demand for fuel altogether. It has been more widely spoken about given recent events that people should be recognising and harnessing the benefits of carpooling.

The more that people share a lift with others, the less fuel is essentially wasted as on many occasions people are heading to the same location or in the same direction, yet they are driving with only themselves in the car. A recent study suggested that in the UK on average, half (49.11%) of motorist’s journeys are solo where they are the only one in the vehicle. This means more cars are unnecessarily on the road, creating congestion, producing carbon and putting a demand on fuel supply.

Single occupancy vehicles are one of the UK’s biggest emissions offenders, with transport being the UK’s biggest polluter. Simple and convenient solutions like SKOOT can help provide clear answers to these issues. Rather than worrying about a potential shortage in fuel, why not do something about it where you can? Sharing a lift with a friend or a colleague is surely more fun too and knowing you are doing your bit for the environment at the same time, well that's win-win in our opinion!

The reality is that we are constantly putting pressure on the Earth and its resources to fulfil our needs and meet our demand, and it just isn't sustainable. Having a lack of fuel is just one of the results. Climate change, natural disasters, an increase in poor health across the population are some others. And this isn't about to slow down, so we need to speed up. Making a change as simple as carpooling and offsetting your carbon is something that can have a big impact. The more of us change our behaviours, the more the planet will thank us.

There are many benefits of starting to carpool right now and SKOOT provides easy solutions for businesses to integrate this with their current models. With our smart carpooling feature you can also easily sync up with people that you might not have realised you can carpool with and start doing greener and smarter commutes together!

Right now we're driving the movement to not only get everyone to commute back better now that people are returning to work after Covid-19, but to continue sharing lifts and driving sustainably wherever we can. If you are interested in getting your staff commuting back to work in a more sustainable way get in touch with us and we can show you how SKOOT can help you do this and carbon-negatively! It's time to identify, reduce and offset your mobility related carbon emissions.

Let's not have the shortage of fuel lead to a shortage in common sense.