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🎉 Our community has planted over 1 million trees

SKOOT's growing community reaches 900,000 tree milestone

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August 3, 2023

SKOOT, the pioneering climate tech platform, proudly announces the significant achievement of planting 900,000 trees and unveils strategic partnerships with esteemed hospitality brands, including Amazonico, COYA, and Isabel's Mayfair. This milestone underscores SKOOT's commitment to driving sustainability in the hospitality sector.

With the hospitality industry responsible for nearly 20% of carbon emissions, SKOOT recognizes the urgent need for practical and cost-effective solutions. Through its Eco-Contribution program, SKOOT empowers hospitality businesses to proactively combat climate change by planting trees for every diner, cover, or bill.

The planting of 900,000 trees, the equivalent of more than eighty football pitches, showcases SKOOT's substantial environmental impact and dedication to biodiversity conservation. Through this achievement, SKOOT has effectively eliminated over 4,500 tonnes of CO2, which is comparable to the annual mileage of nearly 1,000 cars.

"We are incredibly proud to have reached the milestone of 900,000 trees planted. This is just the beginning. SKOOT's partnerships with Amazonico, COYA  mark a pivotal moment for both us and the industry, Together, we are driving sustainable practices and inspiring positive change within the hospitality sector." — Greg Gormley, CEO and Co-Founder at SKOOT. “

SKOOT, which is a Top 5% B Corp, solidifies its position as a leader in sustainability for hospitality by forming strategic partnerships with Amazonico, COYA, and Isabel's Mayfair. These renowned hospitality establishments embrace SKOOT's innovative technology, integrating it seamlessly into their operations through Oracle Simphony and Micros POS systems.

“It goes without saying that the Amazon rainforest is our main source of inspiration for the restaurant and is closely linked to our DNA and brand ethos. Working in partnership with SKOOT helps us preserve this incredible place against deforestation and hopefully preserve it for future generations. It’s a small step towards a bigger, more positive impact on the planet that every guest can get involved with. The simplicity, professionalism, and passion that SKOOT brings to our partnership is truly commendable”. — Addyson Pope, Global Marketing & Communications Director, D.ream International.

SKOOT's user-friendly technology integration enables these influential brands to showcase their commitment to sustainability without incurring additional overhead costs. The partnerships with industry leaders demonstrate SKOOT's ability to provide practical solutions and foster a greener guest experience.