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Automatically offset carbon from food miles

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August 23, 2022

No matter what industry you are in, there is increasing pressure on businesses to provide customers with more sustainable products and services. At every stage of operation, there's a responsibility to lower your carbon footprint.

The hospitality industry comes under particular scrutiny with global livestock production accounting for approximately 15% of man-made carbon emissions and the average 3-course meal in a restaurant producing 8kg of carbon. That's like the weight of the average microwave or dining chair. It is obvious that changes need to be made to lower the impact the industry has on the state of the planet.

At SKOOT we know it can be overwhelming to identify what businesses are green washing and what businesses want to make a difference. This is why we wanted to streamline our terminology so you understand what we do across all of our carbon offset and removal solutions.

With our hospitality and restaurant solution, you can plant certified trees for every transaction to offset carbon from food miles or link it to be revenue based. You can ask customers to pay for their own trees as part of the cover charge (eg) £1 per bill.

Whether it is per person, per bill, or transaction, with our Green Service Checkout you and your customer can opt to automatically plant trees at the point of sale to remove your carbon footprint.

Our hospitality and restaurant solution enables you to automatically plant certified trees to offset carbon from food miles and other services. Plant any number of trees per bill, or per person.

All your planted trees are recorded on your own dedicated webpage which we call your Impact Profile. You can keep track of how many trees you've planted, how old they are and how much carbon you've offset. We provide you with the assets to easily shout about the good you are doing for the planet!

If you want to read more about the solution here - or get in touch to find out more [email protected]