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🎉 Our community has planted over 1 million trees

SKOOT's new spot in Kenya

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March 1, 2022

We have our most exciting announcement yet! (well other than the fact that we're giving away 1 million free trees). SKOOT now has our very own designated planting site in Mombasa, Kenya called Tudor Creek! With the help of our partners Eden Reforestation projects, we are now able to plant all the SKOOTer trees in one place! I know cool right! 

It's an exciting milestone for us because it symbolises how much the SKOOT app has grown in the last year. Giving back to the planet and the community is at the heart of who SKOOT is. Having our own designated space means we can track and see the positive impact that we (and you - businesses, partners and individuals) are making not only on the environment but also on the local community.

Eden hires people from local communities to plant trees which helps decrease extreme poverty and also helps them to build a mutually beneficial connection with the land. So when you're doing drives with SKOOT you are not only helping the planet but you are helping repair whole communities. We are also planning to send over SKOOT goodies to help the community who help us like SKOOT bikes, SKOOT merch, and hopefully laptops for educational purposes.

Tudor Creek is around 2055 hectares and in this space, with the help of Eden, we will be able to plant all of your trees and see the impact that we are having all in one place. But we need your help to navigate your drives sustainably and help us plant more trees! In Kenya alone, there is 42% of the population live under the poverty line and now only 7% of Kenya is covered with forests. These facts are truly devastating and that is why with your help with driving we are going to change these numbers! 

At SKOOT we make a huge effort to make sure the forest we plant becomes permanent and sustainable as we want to guarantee a strong healthy life for the trees we plant. We only count how much carbon the trees have absorbed in their first year, despite them absorbing carbon their whole life, we still want to make sure your trees are living the longest life possible. We wanted our own planting site to closely monitor our trees, how they're growing and be able to show people the real impact they are having.

We look forward to continuing to plant your trees alongside our partners Eden Reforestation Projects. And witnessing our carbon offsetters grow from seedlings to big giant air-cleaning trees! We can just see the 1 million trees now. Having absorbed 349,132 kg of carbon through the app already. We will have to rename it, Tudor Creek Forest, soon. 🙌🌳