Tackling loneliness in the community with FGR and SKOOT

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February 22, 2024
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SKOOT at the FGR Stadium

On Friday 26th March, 2 members of the SKOOT squad (myself and Amelia) were up bright and early and headed down to FGR’s innocent New Lawn Stadium to get involved with their latest stint of the Tackling Loneliness Together Campaign and added a SKOOT twist to the day! This was done by adding some of our exclusive SKOOT merch in the care packs that FGR were giving out, including SKOOT bags, hoodies, water bottles and phone holders.

Forest Green Rovers Community have teamed up with EFL Trust and the Department of Culture Media and Sport to tackle the effect of loneliness within the local community. If you feel isolated, lonely or miss being a part of the community – this campaign is for you and they aim to connect you with a wide range of services that vary from weekly phone calls, online events, all the way to food donations.

There was a shortlist of 25 different households located in the surrounding area that all received a personal drop off and a catch up from the guys at Forest Green. These households were identified as individuals that needed a lift – and we got the chance to join FGR on the campaign!

Seeing how much the giveaways meant to these FGR fans was an inspiring eye opener and massively heart warming to see how much the community means to them! It really showed that they’re far more than just a football club as they go above and beyond to help, and it was an honour to see it with our own eyes.

SKOOT Errands and the Community

SKOOT Errands was designed for people that are vulnerable and perhaps unable to get around to pick up essentials, especially during lockdown. It was extremely refreshing to hear that the fans we spoke to really believe that SKOOT is an App they see great value in and will be very helpful!

In a time when people needed help/community, SKOOT diversified our app and introduced Errands, a new feature that easily allows you to ask your friends and community for help. Central to who we are is providing an easy way for people to help each other out whether that be through Errands or Lifts. So it means a lot to be able to partner with FGR on such a campaign.

Meeting the Rising Stars

Myself and Amelia got the chance to meet the up and coming u18 stars of FGR who helped pack the care packs. We got to take a tour of the stadium too! Not only that,  but it was also pretty cool to see SKOOT’s presence around the pitch!

Overall, it was a great day! We can’t wait to spend more days at the stadium in the future doing similar campaigns. And of course, alongside all of the fans when we can attend games once again!

If you know someone in need, or want to help out your friends and community, download SKOOT using the link below!

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Written by
February 22, 2024
5 min read