The SKOOT 1 Million Free Trees Challenge is here!

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February 22, 2024
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SKOOT is the only carbon-negative app for drivers, providing “green” navigation that allows you to simply automatically offset your carbon for every drive. 

With SKOOT you can be the superhero of your own carbon emissions because for every drive you do with the app, we plant a tree with our partners, Eden Reforestation Project. We want to encourage as many people to join the journey as possible and that is why we have officially launched the 1 Million Free Trees Challenge!

We’re giving you, our amazing SKOOTers, access to 1 million free trees. All you have to do is complete your journey with the SKOOT app and we plant a tree. It's as simple as 1, 2, tree! Whether you are SKOOTing the commute, the school run, or just driving, we will plant a tree for you for free to ensure your journey is at least 110% carbon-negative. 

Kick-starting the Global Carbon-Negative Movement

With your help, we want to kick-start the global "carbon-negative movement" and work towards a world where every drive is carbon-free.

People and companies around the world are beginning to realise that without action to start living more sustainably, irreversible damage will be done to the planet. The carbon time bomb is ticking. In the UK in 1 year alone, 50 million tonnes of carbon are created by drivers and there are 40 thousand premature deaths from pollution. We cannot keep producing the amount of carbon that we are and not do anything about it.

SKOOT has a clear solution to a complex problem. You drive. We plant free trees. You offset your carbon.

We're on a mission to create cleaner, greener skies for everyone and want you to get on board. Planting 1 million trees will help absorb the carbon that’s already been released into the atmosphere. With the earth expected to get 2-3 degrees hotter by 2030, we need to take drastic action to slow down climate change. To date, SKOOT has planted over 42,000 trees but our aim is to get this number to 1 million-plus as soon as possible.

The Race to Net Zero is Now

With the new SKOOT app, you can see

  1.  how many trees you have planted
  2. how much carbon you have offset 
  3. track your friends' progress on the community leaderboard

The new 'Drive and Grow' feature means that it doesn't matter where you drive or how you get there. You just click "drive" to start growing your forest. You plant virtual trees and we plant real trees. It's a win-win.

You can invite your friends to join the challenge to plant 1 million trees too. Just invite them to download the SKOOT app and when they do you will instantly get 5 extra free trees. And don’t worry SKOOT still has its in-built lift-sharing feature where you can easily invite friends on a drive and reduce congestion on the roads.

Download the SKOOT app to join the 1 Million Free Trees Challenge and start planting trees for every drive.

Plus find out more about owning your very own share of the SKOOT app. (Capital at risk*)

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Written by
February 22, 2024
3 min read