May 8, 2024
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Kenya Biogas Cookstoves

Distribution 50,000 biogas systems to rural households at subsidised price.
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The project is being implemented in rural households in Kenya.


"Gold Standard for the Global Goals sets the standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise their impact, creating value for people around the world and the planet we share."

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The project activity involves the installation of biogas units in rural households across Kenya. These biodigester units serve as a clean and sustainable source of renewable energy for cooking. The project distributes 2.5 m3 biogas systems to rural households at subsidised prices.

The primary goal of this initiative is to replace traditional wood stoves with biogas systems, thereby mitigating the harmful effects of wood burning on both health and the environment. By utilising animal manure as feedstock, the biogas systems also help avoid CH4 emissions that would occur if the manure were left untreated in pits.

By using the biodigester, households can improve soil fertility through the organic fertilisers produced as a byproduct, leading to enhanced crop yields and sustainable agricultural practices.

Each biodigester installed has a capacity of 8m3, with a 2.5 m3 gas tank volume, ensuring suitability for varying household needs.

The project aims to provide practical solutions that address environmental challenges while simultaneously improving the livelihoods of rural communities in Kenya.


Project Type
Biogas Cookstoves
Gold Standard
VCC status
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