July 5, 2024
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Recovering Ocean-Bound Plastic in Indonesia

Recovering plastic waste from vulnerable coastlines and waterways in Indonesia.
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Community members trading plastic waste for income



Indonesia was selected for this initiative due to its significant contribution to global ocean plastic pollution. The country faces substantial challenges related to waste management and environmental degradation. By focusing on Indonesia, Plastic Bank aims to mitigate the flow of plastic into the oceans while enhancing the well-being of local communities through improved access to essential goods and healthcare services.


Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, we collect plastic within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound areas. Our communities gather plastic waste from various sources, including beaches, riverbanks, and households, directly addressing ocean plastic pollution.

Together, we reveal value in plastic waste and improve lives. Members exchange plastic waste for bonuses at local Plastic Bank branches, enabling access to necessities like groceries, fuel, education, and healthcare. Our secure and traceable income sources empower vulnerable communities to overcome poverty.

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Plastic Bank is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing ocean plastic while improving the lives of those involved in its collection and processing. By turning plastic waste into a currency that can be exchanged for essential goods and services, Plastic Bank creates a sustainable cycle of positive environmental and social impact.

In 2018, Plastic Bank expanded its operations to Indonesia, another nation heavily affected by plastic pollution. This initiative provides significant social benefits to the local communities, particularly through the distribution of monthly grocery vouchers valid for a year. These vouchers, redeemable at Alfamart, enable families to purchase essential items such as rice and cooking oil, thereby addressing high poverty and undernourishment rates.

Additionally, Plastic Bank collaborates with BPJS Kesehatan to offer comprehensive health insurance to its collection members, covering primary care and hospital visits. Furthermore, in partnership with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, Plastic Bank provides work, accident, and life insurance, ensuring protection against workplace incidents and offering family support in cases of death or disability. Members also receive training to effectively utilize these insurance benefits.


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Plastic Recovery
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