Integrate GloriaFood with SKOOT

Fight climate change one tree at a time for every food order.

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Integrate GloriaFood with SKOOT

Fight climate change one tree at a time for every food order.

Through the Eco-Contribution, SKOOT aims to:

  • Remove carbon emissions for every guest and positively engage them on the journey to net-zero;
  • Help reduce the 8m tons of ocean plastic and degrading release of greenhouse gasses and microplastics;
  • Harness your customers’ small actions to create a huge positive impact;
  • Reforest the most devastated communities in the world, alongside supporting verified carbon mitigation projects.

SKOOT works across a broad cross-section of restaurants from cafés to gastro pubs and high-end luxury restaurants.

They support restaurant owners and their customers as they learn about the importance of sustainability in restaurants and pledge to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and help reverse climate.


How much does it cost to add SKOOT’s Eco-Contribution to your system?

For GloriaFood clients, there are no monthly fees, no additional hardware or IT required, and no set-up costs.

SKOOT also doesn’t fix the price restaurants charge for the Eco-Contribution. You can set your own charge and make this cash-flow positive.

What they do ask is that any additional money made be used for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, whether that’s EV chargers, local tree planting, or LED lights.

For example, if a takeaway charges £1.00 for one tree and two plastic bottles, the money that doesn’t go toward that goal can be used to support the restaurant’s ESG initiatives.

How will your food clients see the Eco-Contribution at checkout?

Every time a customer places an order, they will see the Eco-Contribution fee displayed at checkout, under the cost of the menu items.

gloriafood eco contribution checkout cart

In case customers want to learn more about the Eco-Contribution, you can ask SKOOT for more information on how to present it to your food clients on your website and social media.

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