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Track and share
your impact

The Impact Profile Forest is where your business can share and showcase the positive contributions you are making to reduce and remove your carbon footprint.

Impact Profile Forest

Your Impact Profile reflects the positive action you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint with SKOOT. Track the trees planted in your forest, carbon offset and your certified climate projects, all in one place.

Carbon Offset

A cumulative count of the total carbon you have offset through verified carbon offset projects and certified trees.

Trees Planted

Every certified tree you've purchased, gifted, received or sponsored will be displayed on your Impact Profile Forest.

Carbon Projects

A count of the community and sustainability projects you support around the world through SKOOT.

What you'll see

An overview of the good you are doing

Easy to share information on the ways you are reducing your carbon footprint and the positive impact that it has on the planet.

Information about your trees

A virtual record of when, where and how each tree is planted. Watch your trees go from saplings to adults as your forest grows.

Give meaning to the good you're doing

Put the good you do into context with easy to share examples of what reducing your carbon footprint actually means for the planet.

A complete solution

SKOOT offers a range of simple solutions to a complex problem, no matter where you are on your journey to net-zero. We identify your carbon footprint, supply unique tools to avoid carbon emissions, and provide quality climate solutions to offset the rest.

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