Integrate Zapier with SKOOT

Zapier is a great way to integrate SKOOT with the apps you already love and use every day.

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Integrate Zapier with SKOOT

Zapier is a great way to integrate SKOOT with the apps you already love and use every day.

Zapier lets you connect SKOOT with 5,000+ websites, platforms, and apps that you might be already using. Here are some app our users are connecting with:

  • Mailchimp — Plant a Certified Tree every time someone signs up for a mailing list.
  • Asana — Plant a Certified Tree every time you complete a task.
  • Salesforce — Plant a Certified Tree when a deal closes.
  • Shopify — Plant a Certified Tree with new orders.
  • Strava — Reward yourself by helping the world plant a Certified Tree after every run.

The possibilities are almost endless when connecting SKOOT to any app using Zapier.

We have included a simple guide to get started with a Template Zap to plant a Certified Tree at a specific time every day.

You can also check out our Template Zaps to see some recommended Zaps to get you started.

Getting started

Create an account with SKOOT or sign in to your dashboard

Log in to your dashboard. If you don't already have a SKOOT account, just enter your email address and we will send you a login link to sign in

Add a payment method to your SKOOT dashboard

Before you start offsetting, you will need to add a payment method to your SKOOT account.

You will not be billed until you start offsetting with our API. Then you will be billed monthly.

Create an account with Zapier or sign in

Once you are logged in you will be taken to you Zapier dashboard. Go to Zapier.

Create your SKOOT Zap

  1. From the Create you own workflow section, choose to connect any app you use with SKOOT.
  2. Choose when you want the Zap to happen, and what you want it to do.
⭐️ E.g. Connect Gmail to SKOOT. When a new email is received in Gmail, plant a tree with SKOOT.

Suggested Zaps

Authenticate your Zap

You will now have to authenticate both apps. Usually this is done by logging into the app and verifying your account.

When you come to authenticate SKOOT, choose to connect a new account. This will open a new window where you will be asked for your API key.

Generate your API key in the SKOOT dashboard

Leaving the Zapier windows open, open your SKOOT dashboard in a new tab and navigate to the APIs & Integrations section.

Name your token and click Generate API token and your API key will be displayed.

⚠️ This key will only be displayed once, so copy it and keep it safe

Connect SKOOT to Zapier

Copy your newly generated API key, and paste it into the Zapier window.

Click continue to allow Zapier access to your SKOOT account.

Configure your Zap

Once you have authenticated both apps, you just need to configure the details of what happens when it is triggered.

⭐️ Choose to 'plant a tree' or 'fund carbon projects'. And then set the quantity of how many trees or how much offset each time your zap is triggered.

Test, publish and start offsetting

Now you just have to test everything is working correctly. Once you're happy, publish your Zap and start watching your positive climate impact increase on your Impact Profile.

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